canadian YA author living in tokyo, japan. DUALED (2013) & DIVIDED (2014), random house children's books.

this is my author blog. if you're a ONE OK ROCK and/or kenshin fan and looking for my personal blog, you can also find me at elsiechapman.tumblr.com

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I got some DUALED posters in the mail yesterday! Thank you, Random House! The cat likes them, too :)

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  1. sonofstageandpage said: Looks awesome Elsie!
  2. peachandblue2 said: I like them!!! They’re really cool!!!
  3. ihearshadows said: Make sure cinna doesn’t shit on it!
  4. guildofrandomness said: Ooooooh I want!! :D Looks awesome!
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    AWESOME! i hope to get out to the theater over spring break and take a photo for you!!
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    May be your cat think that girl on your poster was herself LoL
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