canadian YA author living in tokyo, japan. DUALED (2013) & DIVIDED (2014), random house children's books.

this is my author blog. if you're a ONE OK ROCK and/or kenshin fan and looking for my personal blog, you can also find me at elsiechapman.tumblr.com

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It’s release day for my author buddy/fellow Lucky/fellow Thirteener Erin Bowman and her YA debut, TAKEN! Congratulations, Erin, and thank you for writing such an awesome book. I really loved the dystopian world of TAKEN and can’t wait to pick up my own copy so I can read it again!

Two early in the wild pics for TAKEN: first one courtesy of @ericasussman from a Barnes & Noble in Hawaii, second by me at my local Indigo here in BC!

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