canadian YA author living in tokyo, japan. DUALED (2013) & DIVIDED (2014), random house children's books.

this is my author blog. if you're a ONE OK ROCK and/or kenshin fan and looking for my personal blog, you can also find me at elsiechapman.tumblr.com

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Yesterday my DUALED ARC made its way home after its tour with my author buds from Friday the Thirteeners. Pages were falling out, corners were dog-eared, edges were rough and worn—all the awesome signs of a book held by lots of hands. It was the most amazing and humbling experience to read everyone’s comments and to have such talented writers leave their words and thoughts in my book.

Plus! Doodles, scratch-n-sniff stickers, and the odd perverted comment. ^^ I have fantastic writing friends, what can I say?

Ellen, Jenn, Erin, Mindy, Kasie, Shannon, April, Megan, Natalie, Brandy, Renee, Alexa—you guys are truly wonderful. Thank you so very much!

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